Whistle Blowing Policy.


Statement of intent


What to do if you have concerns about the practice of a colleague at Winyates Playgroup.




To ensure that staff feel confident in raising issues of concern..



 What to do if you have concerns about the practice of a colleague at Winyates Playgroup.


The “whistle Blower” will need to record everything which they have seen or heard which they feel is poor or unsafe practice.


The “whistle Blower” will need to maintain aspects of confidentiality at all times and report their concerns to their manager (if appropriate) immediately.


If it is not appropriate to inform the manager or you are unable to share this information with your manager because of concerns about their practice for example, then you may decide to report the incident directly to Early Years and Childcare Service (EYCS)  01905 678134 or to Ofsted on 0300 123 1231.


After having spoken to their manager the “whistle Blower” will be supported by their manager and their identity will remain anonymous. 


The manager and/or registered person will then carry out an investigation into the allegation.


Depending on the outcome of the investigation the manager may then follow child protection procedures/complaint procedures/staff disciplinary procedures.


Depending on the severity of the allegation we may suspend the member of staff, normally on full pay, or confine them to duties which are not directly related to the children.


We will keep both the “whistle Blower” and the accused member of staff informed of all developments and any interviews will be documented and stored away in a locked file.


If the allegation turns out to be unfounded then the “whistle blower” will remain protected and treated as they were before they made the allegation and the accused person will have all of their rights reinstated.


This policy was adopted at a meeting of Winyates Playgroup Pre-school



Held on (date)              


Julie Skipp

Signed on behalf of the pre-school