Loss and Change Policy

Many of the children in our care are likely to encounter the death of a pet, grandparent, other relative or family friend, also, they may experience a change to their lives ( such as moving house, new baby, parents break up etc) during their time in the Playgroup.  For a few the loss or change will be more immediate and traumatic, involving the loss of a parent, sibling or personal friend or a change in circumstance. 


1.   To foster a caring attitude to those suffering a bereavement/change in circumstance.

2.   To encourage a consistent, yet flexible approach to the situation.

3.   To inform all those concerned, including staff and parents of possible approaches.


These guidelines are particularly relevant and appropriate in cases where the loss or change concerned is of a close relative or friend but can, and should be adapted according to all individual circumstances.

1.   Children should be allowed time to grieve and know that tears are often an outward sign of that grief.

2.   It should be made known that staff will find the time to listen and talk and will do their best to comfort when necessary.

3.   Children should be aware that staff will try to help them to come to terms with their feelings.

4.   A distressed child should be allowed time and access to materials in order that he/she may express their feelings in their own way.

5.   Within playgroup a resource bank containing reference materials for staff, parents and pupils should be developed and maintained.

6.   All staff and assistants involved in the care of a bereaved or a change of circumstance child should be aware of the situation.

7.   The possible fears, insecurities and emotions of other children which may arise from the situation should be recognised and addressed sympathetically.

8.   Religious, cultural and social backgrounds, as well as parental wishes, should be taken into account when considering appropriate responses.


A bereaved or change of circumstance child, especially if the death concerned is that of a close relative, parent, sibling or friend, is likely to be feeling confused, anxious and insecure.  At playgroup we should aim to provide a stable and supportive environment in which he/she is able to gradually come to terms with the loss or change.  It is recognised that this process is lengthy and support is likely to be required long term.


This policy was originally adopted at a meeting of Winyates Playgroup Pre-school



Held on (date)       


Julie Skipp

Signed on behalf of the pre-school