An Extraordinary General Meeting was held at 7pm on 5th July 2007



Advance Notification of the meeting.

All parents of children attending the playgroup were given an individual notice of the proposed meeting.

Notice of the proposed meeting was posted on the door and notice board at the Playgroup’s premises for the week preceding the meeting.



Committee:     Kerry Brady                 Chairperson and ex-parent

                        Rachel Lee                  Ex-parent

Staff:                Julie Skipp                   Supervisor

                        Gail Heaton                 Asst Supervisor

                        Anita Perry                  Asst Supervisor

                        Wendy McGahn          Assistant

                        Julie Greaves              Assistant

Others             Louise Morton             Early Years Development Officer

                        John Skipp                  Volunteer




Refreshments & Introduction

Reason for the EGM

Reasons for Dissolution

Why This Action Should be Taken

Dissolution Process and Timings

Financial Status


EGM Agreement




Mrs. Skipp opened the meeting and introduced, staff committee and speakers.


Reason for the EGM

Mrs. Skipp explained that the reason for the EGM was to dissolve Winyates Playgroup as a charity.

The Playgroup will continue to be run as a Private Company and that essentially there would be no change in the day to day operation of Playgroup


Reasons for Dissolution

Mrs. Skipp explained that the Charity Commission requirement Playgroup to maintain a committee and trustees, and that such were increasingly difficult to find.

Also Ofsted, the governing body, now require registration of the Playgroup Committee members and require that Committee to run the Playgroup, to manage it on a day to day basis and to be responsible for the Playgroup.

Mrs. Skipp explained that running Playgroup as a company would therefore enable greater stability in day to day operation and its long-term continuity.


Why This Action Should be Taken

Louise Morton - Early Years Development Officer explained that other playgroups had followed the same process and the impact and benefits of the change.


Dissolution Process and Timings

Mr. Skipp explained the processes and actions involved to dissolve the Playgroup Charity and start up as a limited company, as follows:-

Assessment of value of stock by the PLA (Playschool Learning Alliance to which Winyates Playgroup is affiliated and are the owning authority).

Agreement with Early Years And Childcare Service that this change would benefit the group and the community.

Majority agreement from EGM to dissolve.

Formation of new company, Winyates Playgroup Ltd, MD - Mrs. Skipp, Co Secretary - Mr. Skipp.

Final billing of accounts and services to Playgroup Final payments of staff salaries to 31 August 2007

Completion of Winyates Playgroup final accounts to the end of Playgroups Financial Year, 31 August 2007.

Closure and dissolution of Winyates Playgroup on 31 August 2007.

Payment for the assets of Winyates Playgroup by new company to the PLA

1 September 2007, Playgroup commences in the ownership of the new company.


Financial Status

Mr. Skipp related the Financial situation to the meeting as follows:-

Playgroup is still awaiting receipt of a lease agreement from the council for the premises, since occupation in January 2003.

Without a lease, no rent has been billed but regardless of that - is still owed.

The meeting was advised of the current back rent owed to the council.

Rates, water electric and telephone services, together with professional subscriptions are paid monthly, quarterly or annually on account and are paid up to date.

Most of the County funding for the current term is paid - except for a final settlement. The meeting was advised of Playgroup's current bank account balance.

Quarterly NI and tax is due this week

The meeting was warned that the council may submit a bill for legal costs, to Playgroup for setting up the lease, which would deplete funds.

Otherwise, it is expected that with prompt and full payment of session fees over the remainder on the term, Playgroup may be able to meet its ongoing utilities bills and staff pay.

To assist with this budget balancing, Mrs. Skipp is no longer accepting a salary from Playgroup which it is hoped, will enable Playgroup to meet the final bills.



Mr. Skipp explained that the committee would be required to sign the certification of the Declaration on behalf of the trustees of a medium-sized registered charity that has dissolved or wound up.

Mrs. Skipp put a motion to the committee to dissolve Winyates Playgroup charity with effect from 31 August 2007.

The Committee unanimously agreed to the dissolution of Winyates Playgroup charity on 31 August 2007

Mrs. Skipp closed the meeting at approximately 7:50pm.