September 2017

Welcome to the September newsletter of Winyates Playgroup, and a special welcome to all the new children and their parents/carers. Our newsletter is produced so that we can let you know what the children will be doing in the coming months and provide you with information about the playgroup.


This term the children will be concentrating:-

Growing and looking at where food is produced, as its Harvest time.

Different foods will be sent home for you to share with the children, this is to introduce the children into trying new foods.

Malleable and Messy play. This means the children will be exploring and experimenting with different textures and substances.

Health and Safety

Whatever the weather head lice can always be a problem. Don’t Panic!

Our staff can advise you of the appropriate action to take.

If your child has sickness and, or diarrhoea please leave 48 hours after recovery before sending them back to Playgroup.

Please use the right gate (the IN gate on entering and the OUT gate on departing). This is so we can protect your child from not getting lost.

Please inform us when ANYONE DIFFERENT is picking up your child, or if you are going to be late. Please keep the playgroup up to date on current contact details.

Due to recent Fire Marshall Training on evacuating the premises, we cannot accommodate bikes, pushchairs etc. in the reception area, we need to get your children out safely.

Please remember to sign the medication book if you want nappy cream or medication used in playgroup.


Healthy Eating

We are still promoting Healthy Eating in the group, by providing fresh fruit daily. Please support us by encouraging healthier options within your child packed lunches. No sweets or chocolates please. Please wrap food in food bags, foil or cling film. The leftover food is wrapped up and sent home, so you know what your child has eaten. Please supply your child with adequate drinks, they are allowed one third of a pint of milk free per day. We provide water if your child’s drink has run out. If your child is at playgroup all day, make sure the packed lunch has an ice block in it. Spoons for yoghurts will be provided. Could you please peel, cut up pieces of fruit and halve grapes, so they are ready for your children to eat. As you can understand that most days there can be 26 children for lunch. Thank you.


Comments Book

We invite you to make use of our ‘Comments’ book. Your views and ideas are always welcome. Also please feel free to discuss any problems or queries with a member of staff. We have had good feed back about putting the coat and lunch box trolleys outside after group; it has reduced congestion in the reception.


Playgroup Fee’s

Fees must be paid on a weekly basis.



Please name all Dummies, lunch boxes, flasks and coats. Please supply enough Nappies and wipes, if your child is not toilet trained. Please put your child in suitable clothing, especially for outside play. Toys from home to be placed in orange tug.

If you want to start toilet training your child, please discuss with a member of staff, they will only be delighted to help and advise you. Eg loose clothing making it easier for your child.



You are always welcome to view your child’s journal and discuss your child’s/children’s progress. Would any parent like us to set up a parent evening to discuss your child’s progress?



Could you make sure all contact numbers are up to date, also please could we have an alternative contact number we could contact if there had been an incident. Our policy is if a child has been left after 1 hour and no contact with parents has been established the local police will be informed. Also, regular lateness is going to be charged for by every 15 minutes. We close at 2.50pm.



We are closed after session on Friday 20th October and return Tuesday 31st October.



Could you please inform us about absences and keep us up to date with contact details.


30 Hours and tax free Childcare

From September 2017 parent who meet the following criteria will be able to get 30 hours free


A child qualifies for free childcare if they are resident in England and under compulsory

school age:  

Both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family), and  

Each parent earns, on average, a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at national

Minimum wage (NMW) or national living wage (NLW); and

Each parent earns less than £100,000 per year.  

Foster carers are not eligible for the extended entitlement for the children that they foster.  

Families where one parent does not work will not usually be eligible, however the extended

Entitlement will be available when:

Both parents are employed but one (or both) is temporarily away from work on

Parental/maternity/ paternity or adoption leave

Both parents are employed but one (or both) is temporarily away from work on

Statutory sick pay. Apply on

For your Voucher code.