Dear Parents,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

As you will be aware the government has stated that they want to implement a phased return of some children to school from 1st. June, at the earliest. 

The first phase includes pre-school ages.


We emphasise that the health and safety of all children, parents and staff remains our top priority.


Initially we need to gather information from our parents as to whether they would want to send their children to playgroup from 1 June. We will message all parents to invite their comments on whether they would send their children to Playgroup, or not. Please reply to the message, or email us with you comment at:


Please note; this is an information gathering exercise at this time.

We will provide further arrangement details at a later stage, but we would draw your attention to some of the factors that would impact on the setting for your consideration:-

·         Playgroup is a single room setting.

·         The government recognises that pre-school age children cannot be expected to exercise ‘social-distancing’ and keep 2m apart,  as this is simply not possible. It has said that it is asking providers to try and minimise the risk of transmission by keeping children in smaller groups, and minimising the interactions between these groups.

·         There are no separate areas (other than the playground) where children can be segregated.

·         The government guidance expects children to be separated and stay in small groups with a member of staff, at all times. Therefore they will not be able to move around, mingle, share and interact with friends as they always have.

·         The government guidance expects equipment to be restricted to a group and not shared, equipment should be cleaned between each use. All soft toys/equipment be removed from use. - This means children will only be able to use the equipment allocated for their group on any day, it would have to be washed overnight and they would use different equipment the next day.  They will not be able to move freely from one activity to another as they always have.

·         We have only the one toilet/wash room. Children would have to stay in their group and only use the facilities when there is no other child from another group in the toilet.

·         We will need to implement strictly timed drop-off/pick-up times for each group. These will also determine break and lunch times.


These are only our initial thoughts about how we can operate safely within the government guidelines and we may have to consider other measures as things develop.

The government intends to review its proposals and guidance on 28th May.


Please see the following links to the official government and County Council information:-


GOV. Guidance: Opening schools for more children and young people: initial planning framework for schools in England - Updated 12 May 2020



GOV. Guidance : Actions for education and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1 June 2020      - Updated 12 May 2020


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